Introduction The technology behind online gaming is constantly evolving. From the early days of dial-up modems and 56kbps internet speeds to today’s 5G networks and AI-powered cloud servers, players have never had more options when it comes to playing games on their computers or mobile devices. I know all this […]

Introduction The concept of blockchain has revolutionized the way people share information in a secure environment. The security provided by blockchain is critical for many industries, such as financial services and healthcare, but cryptography is also an important part of the technology. Blockchain is not just about cryptography; however, it […]

Introduction We’ve been promised augmented reality since the mid-1990s. We watched it evolve from a promising but imperfect technology into what it is today: a buzzword that’s ultimately more distracting than useful. The latest generation of smartphones can’t support AR, and we wouldn’t want them to anyway because they’re too […]

Introduction When you hear the term “augmented reality,” you probably think of an app that lets you add stickers to your face, add a funny hat to your selfie, or add a flower crown to your video. That’s just scratching the surface of what augmented reality is capable of, though—and […]