Introduction Machine learning is the field of artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to creating computers that can learn from experience. It’s often been used to make computers better at things like recognizing images and understanding natural language, but it can also be used for more complex tasks like planning, optimization and […]

Introduction The next era of computing is here. As we move from cloud to edge, a new architecture for computing is emerging. Edge computing is the process of moving data processing closer to the source of the data. This can be done by deploying applications and services into a network […]

Introduction Edge computing is the processing of data at or near the location in which it is captured. The advantages of edge computing include improved data security, reduced latency, and the ability to use mobile devices as processing units. Edge computing can be used for interactive communication, personalization and adaptation, […]

Introduction Cryptography is the art and science of securing information by encoding it in a form that’s difficult to crack. It’s a mathematical function used to transform a message into an encrypted message, called ciphertext, which can only be decoded by someone who knows how the code works. Cryptography uses […]